Solid Modeling, Visualisation and Simulation
This page tries to provide a little survey into the technologies and free resources available for the purpose of creation of solid models and its visualisation.


Simulate solid using particles (nuage de points) in 3 space. For some impressive animation created using voxel technology :


Library for implementing voxel - Volpack the volume rendering library from Stanford U.

The VolPack Volume Rendering Library

also a voxel viewer for windows VoxView .


Simulate solid with basic geometrical elements usually tetrahedra or hexahedra. Key technology include automatic mesh generation. For example, to create a mesh for a solid object, nodes are first placed at the vertices of the object. Nodes are then distributed along the curves surfaces. The surfaces of the object are then divided into triangles or quadrilaterals using the nodes that were defined. These set of meshed surface areas defines a closed volume which represents the solid object. The volume itself is then mesh using tetrahedra, hexahedra or mixture of the two basic elements.

Steve Owen provides a very comprehensive survey on mesh generation technologies and the software available at:

Meshing Research Corner 

Free Visualisation Software:

Geomview - Geometric (surface only) viewer

VoxView - Voxel Viewer

VolVis Project Home Page - Volume visualisation system (need registration)

Other Interesting Site:

Project to build a 3D fax machine