Project: Poignet (Wrist) Simulator


The two key objectives of this project are:

A. Construction of Solid Model of Wrist (bones and ligament) from MR Image / CT Scans
B. Visualisation and Simulation of Dynamics of the Wrist under Surgery

The longterm objective is to construct a simulator of the wrist for the purpose of medical training.

Intermediate objectives for A:

Automatic Segmentation of contour of MR/CT Images.
Editing of contour using a simple editor ( under developement ).
Generation of 3D models with the contours.


We are now able to automatically segment the MRI to extract the individual bone elements. From here we have generated the 3D model using the marching cube algorithm. The quality of the segmentation is generally good accept for certain scans. We will tried to identified these exceptional cases and their causes. But for the moment a general retouching tools is under development.

Intermediate objectives for B:

Definition of file formats for simulator
Importing of 3D models in the form of DXF
Visualisation of 3D models using OpenGL
Construction of a Visualisation Software allowing the user to "navigate" around the 3D model.
Simulate the dynamics of the Wrist


We have created an intermediate file format call .col for 3D objects. The specification is still evolving.
We have successfully extracted 3D objects from DXF files, converting them to .col format for rendering and visualisation.


Specialist / Consultant

Rami EL-ABIAD (Surgeon)
Prof. Dr. José Antonio GALBIATTI (Surgeon)

Management / Coordination

Michel Couprie
Alex Hammam
François Rocaries

Technical Advice

Laurent Perroton


Michel Couprie(Project Leader)
Stephanie Calliari
Laurent Orsonneau
Leow Chee Kiong


Michel Couprie (my professor) site for this project
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