17 Jan 2002

I was trying to migrate my win98 and win2k to a new IBM 40GB harddisk (60GXP). Used FDISK to create a partition on the new HDD and set it active. Use xxcopy to tranfer (clone) all the files from the old HDD to the new HDD - "xxcopy C:\ D:\ /clone". Have to repeat xxcopy a few time as some files may be in use during the first run (and are thus not accessible). Then use Ranish Partition Manager 1.37 to create a bootstrap on the MBR - remember to do this on the new HDD and not the old HDD - for my case the new HDD is disk 2.

I was much irritated by Qttask (from Quick Time) and NewsUpd (from Creative) process that are executed and stay resident everytime I start up win98. Run regedit and found them under the Run key. Delete them from the list of items that are executed at start up.


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Logic Programming using Prolog (Programmation Logigue en Prolog)


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